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Issue 1 of Gaiscioch Magazine covers the launch of Elder Scrolls Online, features extensive guides and short stories for Guild Wars 2 and covers the day to day life of the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community with reviews, comics, recipes and more.

Inside This Issue:

Table of Contents
Page Title
6 The Mythology of the Gaiscíoch
8 Creating Memorable Public Community Adventures
14 Siege Warfare Introduction
18 Welcome to Oblivion...
19 ESO Crafting Commentary
20 Into the depths of Fungal Grotto
22 Elders & Trolls - Episode 1
27 The Legend Behind the Server
28 Creating The Great Tyrian Adventure: Legendary Edition
30 Plains of Ashford
42 Catacombs
48 Ascalon Catacombs Dungeon Guide
53 Dungeon Guide: The Basics
56 Mass Effect Trilogy: A Second Chance
57 Pokémon X and Y
58 Briseadh’s Crafting Corner: Scrapbooking 101
60 Cheddar Bay Biscuit Clone
61 Crock Pot Tropical Stew Recipe
63 Worms Tribute
64 “The Back Nine”

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