Episode 63: Warface

CRYENGINE-powered Graphics

Years ago while hanging out with the team from Trion Worlds at PAX Prime, I saw a demo reel of this game from Crytek. In the trailer a guy slid and blasted a guy with a shotgun launching him over a countertop. I knew right there that this was a game that I had to try.

The game was pitched as a free-2-play first person shooter with both cooperative and competitive pvp features. Built using the Crytek engine that so many are familiar with from the Farcry series and the Crysis series, this game is beautiful and more importantly functional.

During the Streams of Epic Adventure's 2 hour playtime, I didn't experience much lag even though I noticed the streaming software couldn't keep up in many parts. An unfortunate side effect to having that much action on one screen. There was a whole lot going on at times and the fluid controls and precise shooting made the game feel really nice. Not like Battlefield 4 at launch.... you all know what i'm saying.

All in all the gameplay is phenomenally fun. It's super addicting. When we started looking at this game for the show I was the first to scout it out and found myself looking for opportunities to jump in and play a match. Many of you know me as a knife or bow person and I rarely play FPS games. This game got me. I actually wanted to play, and looked forward to playing. This was the Battlefield 4, which I might add I payed 60 bucks for so I could play with a friend, that I never got.  

Real-time weapon customization

In comparison this game brings back those feelings of Rainbow 6 Vegas cooperative mode. Each mission came with a story, an objective, and a few surprises along the way to add dramatic cinematic flair.  Each and every day there is a new lineup of missions and in the month i've played I have never seen the same mission twice (expect the first tutorial mission).  The daily goals in each map add some bonus xp to your character and give you some interesting achievements to reach for.

The cash shop is broken into 3 types of currency. The K coins you buy with real funds through the Warface website to buy new skins and boosters, the traditional dollars you earn by completing each mission to rent or buy guns and accessories, and the crowns to get totally pimped out gun rentals. There are even random prize boxes you can purchase for chances to win exotic items such as a katana blade. Most everything is obtainable without spending a dime, but spending a dime definitely helps speed up leveling and customizing your look.

GAMEPLAY actions

For those achievement hunters out there their achievement system features hundreds of achievements broken into 3 areas. Each give you a part of your name badge. One gives you a background, one gives you an emblem, and the third gives you a background to your emblem. There are even several that are comical, such as the rubber duckie, for doing off the wall things.

If you're looking for a Cooperative title to play with up to 5 of your friends Warface is a great free-2-play game with a wealth of features. I highly recommend this title and look forward to revisiting it in future episodes.

Unique team-support actions

Check out this exciting new FPS co-op and pvp game at:

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