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Gaiscioch is proud to announce it's inclusion in the Trion Worlds Content Creators program. With our birth into the merry band of streamers, writers, video makers, and entertainers, we hope that we can bring a useful service to the RIFT community.

Our recent success with the relaunch of the Annual Telara Saga has left us, and our audience begging for more. We've decided that for our first season of the Rift Adventures we'd take a casual stroll through all of the content RIFT has to offer.

During these events we'll be allowing anyone and everyone to come join in the fun and have a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes. Both to our Twitch viewers and to our participants who come out to make the events special.

We've even scheduled a few events that would further stimulate areas of the game players might not actively be participating in such as Low Level Warfronts and Open World PvP on Seastone.

These events are open to all players in RIFT.
No Guild Membership Required.
We will form groups 30 Minutes prior to the event start at Plaza Aurentine (/setwaypoint 13040, 11593) in Tempest Bay on the Faeblight Shard.

Contact: Foghladha@Faeblight for details.

Additionally, If you are looking for a fun loving community that accepts casual players into their humble home, Gaiscioch always has it's doors open to all who seek a place to call home. We aren't the guild for all, we're the family for many. Learn more about our Rift community at: http://gsch.info/rift

Thank you all for being a part of the RIFT community! I look forward to sharing these adventures with you!

Upcoming Schedule

Jun 26th at 6:00PM PDT
Episode: 5

Jul 3rd at 6:00PM PDT
Episode: 6

Jul 10th at 6:00PM PDT

Episode: 7

Jul 17th at 6:00PM PDT

Episode: 8

* Schedule Subject to Change

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