2009 Successful Crowdfunding Projects

With the reduction of available Venture Capital and Game Developers desiring more control of their products, Crowdfunding has become a hotbed of innovation. We at Gaiscioch Magazine keep a close eye on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo in search of tomorrows big titles.

In this section you will find our highlights as well as a month by month lists of the top performers.

Top 25 Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2009

# Title Raised %
1 FREEQ: An Interactive Radio Drama/Indie Video Game
By: Jesse Vigil
$12,401 USD 101%
2 Help fund my brutal arcade game!
By: Mark Essen
$5,070 USD 101%
3 Send some kids to GameCamp!
By: GameCamp! Athens
$3,204 USD 107%
4 Resonance: Retro-Styled Adventure Game - contest e
By: VinceTwelve
$2,080 USD 1387%
5 Resonance: Retro
By: VinceTwelve
$2,080 USD 1387%
6 High Strangeness: A 12 bit action / adventure vide
By: Steve Jenkins
$1,559 USD 104%
7 Saturated Dreamers: IGF Fee and Misceallenous Deve
By: rinkuhero
$1,500 USD 769%
8 LOVELAND Round 4: Premonitions of Inches In Detroi
By: Jerry Paffendorf
$618 USD 107%
9 Super Ghosts 'n ... Ghosts? A 2D, Side-Scrolling,
By: Joey Rodriguez
$220 USD 110%
10 Super Ghosts 'n ... Ghosts? A 2D, Side
By: Joey Rodriguez
$220 USD 110%
11 Turba: Indie music/puzzle game
By: Turba
$208 USD 104%

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