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By: Cutekhaos | : 982

As your eyes open the warmth of the crackling fire belies the cold dampness emanating from the ice blue crystals. The nagging sense of desperation creeps forth, “Move!” Screams your mind. As you glide towards the door it throbs, “Escape!” With the minimal UI it is easy to forget that you are not of Tamriel.

Suddenly an unseen apparition appears pulling you further into the dire straights of this world. “How do you feel?” “Can you move?” the voice echos around you as the faint sounds of fighting bounce off the wall. For a bright light shimmers and the voice comes into focus as this old man issues you to escape. Before you can process how to accomplish this task there is a soulless Argoinian all too willing to pick the lock of your cell and you are off.
The Prophet’s thundering voice melding seamlessly with the yells of other prisoners. To the forge you go picking up a weapon and learning how to equip it while moving forward in a ceaseless tide of escape. The urgency is all around you from the ambient sounds to the NPC’s ushering to continue before being discovered by the Lord of Brutality. During this exchange you meet Cadwell, a quite mad imperial prisoner who provides much needed levatiy.

Once the Prophet is released and a brief description of the situation, there is a moment to catch your breath and interact with the items littering the floor. Trunks, urns and chests hold lockpicks and provisioning items to get you started after the escape from Coldharbor. The last thing you will do is confront your jailor and the games antagonist Molag Bal.

Published: February 28th, 2015

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